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Wickersley Parish Council publish a quarterly newsletter called ‘Wickersley News’ which is distributed by hand to 4000 properties in the Wickersley Parish in March, June, September and December each year. We welcome news and views from residents.

Click on a newsletter below to download. These can be printed for reference, but cannot be altered, and are subject to copyright.

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Newsletter March 2011.pdf (1.7MB) Newsletter March 2011.pdf 1.7MB
Newsletter June 2011.pdf (1.6MB) Newsletter June 2011.pdf 1.6MB
Newsletter Sept 2011.pdf (1.4MB) Newsletter Sept 2011.pdf 1.4MB
Newsletter March 2012.pdf (2.8MB) Newsletter March 2012.pdf 2.8MB
Newsletter June 2012 Gala edition.pdf (4.3MB) Newsletter June 2012 Gala edition.pdf 4.3MB
Newsletter September 2012.pdf (4MB) Newsletter September 2012.pdf 4MB
Newsletter Dec 2012.pdf (3.5MB) Newsletter Dec 2012.pdf 3.5MB
Newsletter March 2013.pdf (3.5MB) Newsletter March 2013.pdf 3.5MB
Newsletter September 2013.pdf (5MB) Newsletter September 2013.pdf 5MB
Newsletter June 2013.pdf (3.6MB) Newsletter June 2013.pdf 3.6MB
Newsletter March 2014.pdf (4.3MB) Newsletter March 2014.pdf 4.3MB
Newsletter June 2014.pdf (2.9MB) Newsletter June 2014.pdf 2.9MB
Newsletter October 2014.pdf (3.1MB) Newsletter October 2014.pdf 3.1MB
Newsletter March 2015.pdf (2.9MB) Newsletter March 2015.pdf 2.9MB
Newsletter July 15.pdf (2.8MB) Newsletter July 15.pdf 2.8MB
Newsletter November 15.pdf (1.8MB) Newsletter November 15.pdf 1.8MB
Wickersley News Feb 16.pdf (2.9MB) Wickersley News Feb 16.pdf 2.9MB
WPC News June 16.pdf (842KB) WPC News June 16.pdf 842KB
WPC News Mar 17.pdf (671.9KB) WPC News Mar 17.pdf 671.9KB
WPC News NOV 16.pdf (2MB) WPC News NOV 16.pdf 2MB
WPC News June 17.pdf (1.6MB) WPC News June 17.pdf 1.6MB